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Petrohué Falls and Osorno Volcano

. . . WELCOME to CHILE !   the longest and narrowest country on earth. . .

Long and narrow, Chile stretches 2880 mi (4630 km)
from   north   to   south
but its   widest point   is only   265 mi (430 km).

Oficial language : Spanish

More than 85 % of the people are Roman Catholic.

Chile's seafood   is perhaps   the best in the world.

Major   cities   are:
  • Santiago - the capital
  • Valparaiso
  • Concepción

The   "Andes   Mountains"  extend
the entire length   of eastern Chile.
The second highest point   in South America,
"Ojos del Salado"   is found here.

south lake district of Chile

Chile has   three main   natural regions:

southernmost part of Chile = Patagonia

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Here   you can find   good sites   to discover   CHILE
and   plan   your trip   in the   best way :


Visit   the nice site   of   Tourism   in   Chile  

Visit an   interesting site   of   TOURISM IN CHILEHistoric Morro de Arica in the north   and another   exciting site

of   vineyards in central Chile that will help you   to take the most   of your trip through this   wonderful land   called CHILE.

Discover   a magnificent route   among fjords   and
enjoy the   wonderful scenery of the   southern navigation routes.

Visit "Museo de Colchagua", 200 km south from Santiago (124 miles), VI region.
It`s very interesting for everybody !!!

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Search at the Virtual Tourist:

With   YOUR   HELP   people   will   get   spiritual   relief !!!

ACN : "Aid to the Church in Need"

help   catholics   wherever   they are   repressed

or   persecuted   and therefore   prevented from

living   according to   their   faith.

  Chapel Boat on the Volga and the Don   

Ask for more information   and   advice

at the   national office   in your country.

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Chile, a wonderful country !!
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