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CHRISTMAS   time !!!

Joy to the world , the Lord is come !

let   every   heart   prepare   Him   room ...

Oh! Holy Child   of   Bethlehem :   be   born   in   us   today
light our ways,   show us   how to live
open our lives   to the light   of your promise.

Let's   prepare   ourselves   to   Jesus' birth   !!!

A child is born   for us   today  ˇˇ ALLELUIA !!

Is there room   in our lives   for Him ?

Go   tell it   on the mountain   and   everywhere
that   Jesus Christ   is born
light and life   to all   He brings
to free   all those   who trust   in Him.

REJOICE   in the LORD   always   and   again
with   heart   and   soul   and   voice
offering   PEACE   and   our   JOY   to   everybody
and   giving   love   in   all   we   do.

We   people   of the   new millenium, so often
kill the sound   of the   heavenly message   in our hearts.
Shouldn't we   imitate   the three HOLY KINGS and
persevere   even if   we couldn't   see the star ?

With   YOUR   HELP   people   will   get   spiritual   relief !!!

ACN : "Aid   to   the   Church   in   Need"

help catholics   wherever   they are   repressed

or persecuted   and   therefore   prevented from

living   according to   their faith.

  Chapel Boat on the Volga and the Don   

If you   need   more information and  advice

the   national office   in your country   can   help   you.

Let's be people of LIFE changing people’s minds on abortion! Little by little, and step by step, we must change the culture in which we live, to make people all over the world think about an absolute respect for the sanctity of innocent human life. There are alternatives to abortion   - Educate yourself pro-life !! Give literature to friends. Leave pro-life literature wherever you can: in public places, at restaurants, on cars, etc. Click here to see what abortion looks like .
Pro-life movement is so basic and fundamental because life itself is prior to any other rights or traits, no matter how diverse they may be, it stands to reason that a cause that seeks to protect the right to life will find adherents across that wide and diverse spectrum of human interests. We end abortion when we help mom and dad to trust that the child is not an obstacle to their fulfillment. Rather, both, child and parents find their fulfillment in giving themselves to each other in love.


Pro-Life Ring!
The Pro-life Ring JOIN
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